Norton Mobile Security

Norton Mobile Security Lite

Antivirus and anti-theft in one application for Android


  • Fast, reliable scans
  • Relatively light on system resources
  • Remote lock
  • Scheduled scanning


  • No backup and restore function
  • No optimization tools

Very good

Norton Mobile Security Lite defends your smartphone from malicious attacks, and safeguards you in the event of loss or theft of your device.
The free anti-malware protection within Norton Mobile Security Lite is designed to help you detect and disinfect viruses before they do damage to your phone. You can scan your device at any time, or set up scheduled scans, though only daily, weekly or monthly scans are programmable. Norton Mobile Security Lite also supports the scanning of your SD card when it's inserted, to protect you this way.
Norton Mobile Security Lite also includes an anti-theft feature that allows you to lock your phone remotely via SMS if it's lost or stolen.
Using Norton Mobile Security Lite is fast and painless. The user interface is very simply laid out, and scans are quick and light on resources, meaning that it doesn't significantly slow down other processes while it's working.
Upgrade to the Norton Mobile Security full version and you'll get a few extra features, such as the ability to locate, lock or wipe your phone via the web, and block calls and SMS messages from certain numbers.
Even with all this, Norton Mobile Security seems a little light on features when compared to other Android security suites. For instance, it doesn't include any system optimization tools or uninstaller tools like you'll find in NetQin Security. Also, it lacks the backup and restore features of McAfee WaveSecure.
As you'd expect from antivirus experts Symantec, Norton Mobile Security offers a fast and reliable way to protect your phone. However, it does miss some features you'll find in other more comprehensive Android security apps.

No major recent changes to Norton Mobile Security Lite


  • No major recent changes to Norton Mobile Security Lite

Norton Mobile Security


Norton Mobile Security Lite

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